• Heather

5 Instant (and FREE) Must Dos Before a Showing

1. Empty the garbage. The kitchen is most important, but include all bathroom trash cans too. If you don't have a very convenient spot for the kitchen can, put it in the garage (if you have one). Garbage smells, don't let your house smell like garbage during a showing. First impressions make lasting ones!

2. Sweep your front entry/walkway. Get a new welcome mat if you can. This goes back to first impressions- don't give buyers a reason to think the place is filthy before they walk in the door.

3. Open the blinds in the whole house. Remove dark or heavy curtains. Unless the window looks onto something unsightly...let there be light!

4. Put your mail away. Personal items everywhere subconsciously block some people's mind from imagining themselves living there. This goes back to de-personalizing the space- no photos, coupons, magazines, etc.

5. Spray neutral air freshener or keep a standing one by the door. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into a house with buyers, it smelled good, and was noted. 'Well, it smells clean.' Even if it's a dump. I've shown more than I'd like to admit that smelled like an animal shelter, curry restaurant, or smokey dive bar...the buyers would forever refer to it as 'the smelly house.' Don't be the smelly house.