• Heather Termini

Part 2: Seller Prep

Last week I focused on organizing & cleaning, this week I'm focusing on interior maintenance.

Touch up paint- baseboards, doors, small holes, all the things you've been staring at for years and now needs to do and you wish you did a long time ago to enjoy it :-)

Entry way- sweep and mop if necessary, paint door, replace welcome mat, hang a seasonal wreath. First impressions make lasting ones, don't give buyers a reason to not like it before they even walk through the door!

Windows- clean them! Natural light is our friend, windows & sliders should be spotless inside and out- a great job for kids too.

Bathroom grout- get yourself a good grout cleaner and strong brush. Replace shower curtain if needed, inexpensive and can go a long way!

Replace light bulbs- check bath vanity bulbs, dining fixtures, lamps. Easy fix and nothing annoys buyers more than flipping a switch and seeing a burnt out bulb.

Old furniture- if there's any furniture you know you're not taking with you to your next home, remove it before your showings. Less is more, and if it's not good enough to make the cut, there's probably a good reason why. Many donation centers will even come pickup for free! I use Teen Challenge Thrift, 239-267-5433 https://teenchallengesuperthrift.cc/request-a-pickup/