• Heather

3 Things That Have Changed The Game For Sellers

1. Zillow

Real estate professionals have a love/hate relationship with Zillow. They love it because it showcases their listings to the millions of buyers who use it every month. They hate it because of their ridiculously inaccurate (z)estimates, delayed time property statuses (still have properties listed that have been sold for weeks), and they are dominating the online real estate market space so they have no choice but to advertise with them.

What's it got to do with you, the seller? Because it's a huge, inexpensive/free tool, where your buyer is likely looking/favoriting/sending their husband/wife links to every hour. When you list your property with LISTED Realty, your listing will immediately be blasted to Zillow. You can get reports on how many people looked at it, and even better, favorited it.

2. The Internet

Obviously the internet has changed us as a society, but when it comes to information- is there really anything you can't find the answer to online?

LISTED Realty is going to make sure you feel comfortable and have all the info you need, but if it's 2am and you have a question about pretty much anything, I'm almost positive you'll be able to find it on good ole Google.