• Heather

When to List in the Off Season

A question I get asked a lot, 'should I list now (in the summer) or wait til November or December?'

Condos are the most applicable here, and if your unit is outdated and needs a little love, it's better to list in the summer. Many buyers will purchase a condo in the summer and make the updates in 1 or 2 trips to town, buy furniture, and they're ready to go come winter. Updates may include paint, flooring, appliances, etc. The general buyer's consensus is there are deals to be had over the summer and less buyer competition.

If your unit is turnkey and updated throughout it's beneficial to wait until winter when the seasonal residents arrive and potentially get multiple offers, or at least sell it very quickly. More common than not, seasonal residents prefer condos that need nothing vs doing any remodeling.

Updated+realistically priced= fast sale

Here's a graph of listing activity, notice the peak months for 2017 and 2018 are Jan-Feb-March...which are also peak season months.

If you have any questions about listing your Fort Myers condo, contact me and we can chat about your strategy options.