• Heather

Seller Closing Expenses- How Much Will I Pay?

This is one of the most common questions Sellers ask when getting ready to sell their home. There are a few costs that are unavoidable, and some that are negotiable. And some you can save thousands on...like the commission when you list with LISTED Realty.

Here's the breakdown on a $300k home:

$300k Sale price

$9k Buyer's agent commission (3%)

$3500 Listing fee (or $7500-9k if listing with another broker who charges 2.5-3% to list)

$2100 Transfer tax or doc stamps. Uncle Sam wants his cut.

$400- $500 Title service fee, this one varies depending on the company, but is approximate.

$170 Lien search fee

$1575 Title insurance. This is a negotiable item between Buyer and Seller, in Lee County generally the seller pays it and chooses the title company.

$100-200 Estoppel fee (only applicable if you're in a Homeowners Association)

Total approximate closing costs- $16,845

The fees can add up, which is why it's important to do some research when choosing an agent to sell your home. Know your costs before making a decision, what is an agent doing for you that's worth potentially TENS OF THOUSANDS more than listing with Listed Realty for $3500? We are your Fort Myers flat fee real estate brokerage.

Happy Selling!