• Heather

Study: High-End Showers Key in Home Remodels

Considering doing a bathroom upgrade before selling?

Sellers doing a bathroom upgrade should focus on the shower.

A 2019 bathroom-remodel survey completed by Houzz found that 83% of homeowners updated it and 54% made it larger.

Roomier showers remove some common pet peeves homeowners have with their master bathrooms: The showers can be too small and outdated.

Shower not in the budget, here are other popular upgrades that may get the WOW factor you're looking for:

  • Accent walls: More than one-third of homeowners renovating their bathroom added an accent wall.

  • Mirrors: New trends show homeowners opting for two mirrors over each of the two sinks. The top features in mirror upgrades included anti-fog systems, LED lighting, and hidden plugs.

  • High-tech toilets: One-third of remodeled master bathroom toilets contained high-tech features, such as self-cleaning units and seats with bidets, heat, overflow protection or nightlights.

  • Lighting: Eighty-one percent of renovating homeowners also updated their lighting, such as additional wall lights, recessed lights, or shower lights. Most of the new lighting uses both metal and glass.

  • Alternative flooring: Ceramic or porcelain tile are still the most popular flooring material in master bathrooms, but materials like vinyl and resilient and engineered wood flooring are also on the rise.

Source: “2019 Houzz Bathroom Trends Study,” Houzz (November 2019)